PZ023 - Noistruct - Neopagan (live recording)

genre : breakcore, hard breaks, live set, live mix, breakbeat music
date of release : thursday 8 june of 2017
tracklist :
01 - Neopagan (full live recording)

Noistruct's credits : NEOPAGAN is an album made by recording a spontaneous breakcore session during the "Supermoon" in October 2016 in Doon Doon rural NSW in the Northern Rivers. Cover is a photo taken in Doon Doon NSW Australia by Boris Otterdam painted by Amanda Mcpherson. All music produced and recorded by Boris Otterdam. Thanks to Paris Zombie Netlabel and Amanda Mcpherson.

some artworks by GORELLAUME (Graphist)

Artwork by GORELLAUME 
Gorellaume is a french artist who works in a lot of different mediums : drawing, carving, graffiti, tattoo, ...... and record labels. He  made the artwork for "Drogue Sonore" by Paris Zombie and Batard Tronique  (available here) . He also contributed his work to  AOC records, NKS international and many others. Contact him if you need visuals for your projects, musical or otherwise :

PZ022 - Batard Tronique - Kozak Bass Mixtape Volume 1

Genre : Gypsycore, Kozak Bass, Breakcore, Hip Hop, Techno
date of release : tuesday 25 April 2017
language of lyrics : French, English, french-slavic slang
tracklist :

01. What Is Kozak Bass (intro)
02. Ukrainian French Diaspora Freestyle
03. Kozak Bass Anthem
04. Rom Arrangé (2K17 rmx)
05. Mariage Rom
06. SRVTR - 10 (Batard Tronique rmx)
07. Äcid Ärab Are Welcome For Featured
08. Pidmanula (rmx)
09. Techno Toujours Pareil (cover)
10. Gypsy Voodoo (no time to waste)
11. Gypsy Trance
12. Gypsycore Star (2K17 rmx)
13. Shykydym
14. Eugene Is Drunk

1RST volume of a serie on Gypsycore's mixtapes tracks made or remixed by Batard Tronique, called by Grindthieves review blog "The King Of Gypsycore" and "The Borat Of Breakcore" by Godskalp, founder of NKS international muzakillabel

PZ021 - Digital Rabbeats - Digital Beat Tape 1.0

Genre : Vaporwave, Chill Trap, Post Vaporwave, 
Experimental, Abstract Trap Hop, Beat Tape, funkrapt, digital vape, 
vaportrap, digital mixtape, psybient, 
date of release : sunday 23 April 2017
tracklist :
01. Chill
02. Weed Bros
03. Kanibal
04. Afro
05. Bong Brain
06. Chien Fou (bonus track)

1rst EP of Digital Rabbeats, it's his first time in vaporwave music style, for let zombies chillin' under the sun ray for this summer, and let the vampires in their grave for a moment... take a sit back, and relax. Try not to smoke